"That which does not kill you
Fucks you up instead
Makes you wish you were dead"


New State of Mind album

Out August 11, 2017

State of Mind
State of Mind
State of Mind
State of Mind

State of Mind is a singer-songwriter-electro-noisepop act based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its mastermind is the Danish art rock veteran, singer, synthesizer player and multi-instrumentalist Kim Bülow Bonfils.

State of Mind’s songwriting draws its inspiration from talented outsiders like Daniel Johnston and Serge Gainsbourg, while surrounding the melodies with synthetic soundscapes in the tradition of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno – though also veering into the domains of krautrock and noisepop.

The lyrics explore the complex workings of the human psyche. From the eye-opening epiphanies to the destructive thought patterns that turn us into helpless bystanders to our own lives.

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