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I Can’t Help Myself


Songs about mortality, masculine melancholy, the fall of communism, love – and yes, even one about art itself.

Danish solo artist State of Mind once again defies categorization by releasing seven new songs so obviously rooted in classic songwriting that they border on traditional pop. Except that once again State of Mind’s offbeat, synthetic soundscapes add a unique edge to every track.

State of Mind’s 2010 debut was the brooding concept album Myotonic. Later the same year he released the 18 minute long electro-pop track Why Can’t This Noise.

“There is no overall theme behind I Can’t Help Myself,” State of Mind AKA Kim Bülow Bonfils explains. “I’m currently working on a number of concept-style releases – but this one is merely a handful of songs.”

“Though there does seem to be a conspicuous amount of electric piano and handclaps on this release,” he says. “I guess these things just happen…”



  1. Stay
  2. Heart of a Cowboy
  3. Almost Like You Died
  4. Everything I Never Did
  5. Not in Spite but Because
  6. Old Enough to Know
  7. Art

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