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Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown

State of Mind emerges from an isolated five-day music retreat with ten new recordings ranging from post-rock crescendos (“Grant Me the Strength”) over ambient meditations (“Comme a la limite de la mer …”) and krautrock soundscapes (“Kommando Holger Meins”) to oppressive drones (the live favourite “Stay Where I Am”). All infused with State of Mind’s trademark atmosphere of melodic melancholy.

Kim Bülow Bonfils: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, theremin, programming
Morten Barnekov Johansen: Bass, backing vocals, cigar box guitar on Grant Me the Strength, lead guitar on Grant Me the Strength

Thomas Leth Rasmussen: Recitation on Angelus Novus

All lyrics by Kim Bülow Bonfils, except Angelus Novus by Walter Benjamin

Produced by State of Mind.
Mastered by Jan Eliasson at AudioPlanet
Cover design by Mark Toxværd. Painting: “Las Meninas” by Diego Velasquez. Band photos by Benny Meincke Rasmussen.

Thanks to: Jeanne Dahl Mikkelsen, Lennart Skadhauge Troelsen, T.S. Eliot, Michel Foucault.
Funded by Koda Kultur and Dansk Artist Forbund.



  1. Ethanol
  2. Angelus Novus
  3. I Went to Hell
  4. Charismatic Megafauna
  5. Hamlet in Reverse
  6. Grant Me the Strength
  7. More than Meets the Eye
  8. Kommando Holger Meins
  9. Stay Where I Am
  10. Comme à la limite de la mer un visage de sable

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Étant Donnés

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