Importance of the Work at Hand

In the later part of his life, the American engineer, pilot, film director and billionaire Howard R. Hughes developed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Due to this condition (which was not diagnosed in his lifetime), Hughes insisted on rigorous and often bizarrely complicated procedures for even the most mundane tasks. He communicated these demands to his aides through a great number of handwritten memos, collectively known as the “Operations Manual”.

“Importance of the Work at Hand” is a song cycle based solely on excerpts from these original memos.

The work evokes the human psyche and its (sometimes misguided) attempts to create order in a chaotic world. This feeling is evoked by the sound of the human voice surrounded by disturbing electronic soundscapes.

“Importance of the Work at Hand” is released as a limited edition cd in a specially designed box, containing 13 printed cards with lyrics and original photos by Steen Tronsgaard.

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