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Chorus of Disapproval

After releasing a number of live tracks on their previous EP, State of Mind’s latest studio album emphasizes the human element, employing a more loose and casual style.
Whether it’s the upbeat pop of “Two Months in a Sunday,” the bluesy groove of “How to be like me” or the moody drone of “Rendered Obsolete”, this more analog approach gives the album more of a live feel – while the band is still creating their playful soundscapes around Kim Bülow Bonfils’ songs.
“Chorus of Disapproval” once again turns themes of darkness and melancholia into irresistible melodic hooklines.
State of Mind are:
Kim Bülow Bonfils: Vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming
Morten Barnekov Johansen: Bass, pre-op bass on “How to Be like Me”, fake electric cello on “Slip”
Additional musicians:
Frank Thøgersen: Percussion on “I Hate My Mirror”

Words and music by Kim Bülow Bonfils
Produced by State of Mind
Mastered by Jan Eliasson, AudioPlanet
Graphic Design by Mark Toxværd from a photo by Dag Stinus.



  1. Two Months in a Sunday
  2. Donate My Brain to Science
  3. How to Be like Me
  4. (No Reason to Feel) Bitter
  5. Rendered Obsolete
  6. Slip
  7. Still Young
  8. I Hate My Mirror
  9. Rrose Sélavy
  10. Memory
  11. When It All Went Wrong

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