State of Mind’s haunting debut album Myotonic explores the trickery of the human mind, that often leaves us a helpless bystanders to our own life.

This is reflected in the notion of the Myotonic Goat, a special breed of goat with the unusual trait that it cramps up when faced with danger. While this is a less than self supporting habit, the myotonic goats has never the less been used for deflecting predators by sheep farmers.

The narrative of Myotonic is centered around similar traits in the human mind, always pointing out the futile repetitions in both love and the mundane life. And sometimes sketching a way out.

The cd version includes an illustrated booklet.



  1. Intro
  2. Wrong Turn
  3. The Airplane Song
  4. Feeding My Suspicion
  5. What You Are
  6. The Same Mistake
  7. Think You Know the Answer
  8. Fail Before You Try
  9. Poor You
  10. Dead on Impact

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RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: The function of the artist is to make people like life better than they have before.

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