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Why Can’t This Noise


Mix a bit of Underworld, some Tangerine Dream, a dash of Aphex Twin, build everything around a classic pop tune and turn the result into one single track – lasting all of 20 minutes. That is the formula for “Why Can’t This Noise”, the latest release of Danish one man act STATE OF MIND.

“Why Can’t This Noise” pays hommage to the age of vinyl albums and the album side-length tracks favoured by certain progressive bands – from Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” to Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”.

“At the core of ‘Why Can’t This Noise’ is a basic song structure, featuring verse, refrain and middle eight,” State of Mind frontman Kim Bonfils explains. “I went to work in the studio trying to create the sound of this song evolving into an improvised jam – all instruments played by myself. I like to think of the result as a journey through vastly different soundscapes.”



  1. Why Can’t this Noise
  2. Why Can’t This Noise (Radio Edit)

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