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State of Mind returns with a five-track digital release merging rock guitars and electronics, punk energy and pop hooklines. From the 90-second punk explosion “Bet You Never Wanted To” to the ironic pop anthem “The Unstable Lovers”, State of Mind have cranked up their amplifiers to capture the compelling power of their acclaimed live gigs.

Kim Bülow Bonfils: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
Morten Barnekov Johansen: Bass

Words and music by Kim Bülow Bonfils
Sound effects on “Everything Comes Back Again”: “Whistler waves” recorded by NASA’s Van Allen Probes while orbiting Earth
Produced by Kim Bülow Bonfils
Mastered by Jan Eliasson
Graphic Design by Mark Toxværd



  1. The Unstable Lovers
  2. I Want to Live like That
  3. Bet You Never Wanted To
  4. Everything Comes Back Again
  5. Wouldn’t Know a Metaphor

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@TreyStoneAuthor: I'm listening to Creedence and my colleague just asked if it's, "One of those new K-pop group." Not sure what's more shocking, that he's never heard CCR or if he thinks this is what K-pop is.

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