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This Too Shall Pass

State of Mind returns with a 10-track release – continuing in the melodic and accessible vein of the predecessor “Chorus of Disapproval”.

The album features a multitude of moods – from the folksy “Am I That Afraid to Be Alone?” to the foreboding drone of “Out of My Comfort Zone”.

The production has a more physical and live feel than ever – bringing Kim Bülow Bonfils’ vocals and Morten Barnekov Johansen’s bass work to the fore. An extra layer of texture is added by the harmony vocals – including guest vocalist Lars Vangen Christensen.

Both heartfelt and humorous, the lyrics once again explores the erratic workings of the human mind – including a number of suitably quirky love songs.

“This Too Shall Pass” will be out September 9, 2023 – a special release event will be held at Galleri Wärme, Copenhagen.

State of Mind are:
Kim Bülow Bonfils: Lead vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming
Morten Barnekov Johansen: Bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar on “No One at All”

Additional musicians:
Lars Vangen Christensen: Backing vocals on all tracks, electric space piano on “No One at All”

Words and music by Kim Bülow Bonfils

Produced by State of Mind

Mastered by Jan Eliasson, AudioPlanet

Graphic Design by Mark Toxværd from a photo by Benny Meincke Rasmussen

Note for audiophiles: A special 24-bit download version of the album is available ONLY from Bandcamp.



  1. The Lonely Are Invisible
  2. Twilight of the Gods
  3. A Million Broken Hearts
  4. Feel Sorry for the Psychopath
  5. Out of My Comfort Zone
  6. Am I that Afraid to Be Alone?
  7. Let Every Second Last a Lifetime
  8. Write a Fucking Song
  9. I Could Never Be What I Could Have Been
  10. No One at All

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