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Since the brooding concept album “Myotonic“, State of Mind has ruthlessly explored the darkest corners of the human psyche.

But the new digital release – the ironically named “Miserabilism” – adds an edge of defiance to the gloom. The rhythmic feel has become more direct – occasionally bordering on upbeat. And the distorted guitars (first introduced on the sonic experimentations of “Why Can’t This Noise“) adds noise pop and krautrock aesthetics to a the electronic soundscapes. Especially on a number of songs featuring guest artist Morten Barnekov Johansen on bass.

Interspersed between the songs are short, improvisational interludes named “Promenades” (after the similar movements of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhitibition”).

But as always, the impact of the album relies on the art of classic songwriting – indebted to gifted outsiders like Daniel Johnston and Serge Gainsbourg.




  1. The Mess You Made
  2. The familiar feeling
  3. Promenade #1
  4. It Wasn’t Me
  5. When I’m Gone
  6. Promenade #2
  7. How Can Anyone
  8. The Purpose of It All
  9. Promenade #3
  10. My Little Centre of the Universe
  11. It Can’t Be Done
  12. Stay Where I Am

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