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Advent calendar playlist

In case you don’t follow the State of Mind Facebook page (and if you don’t, you definitely should) you may have missed the “advent calendar” project I did from December 1 to 24. Every day, I posted a State of Mind song – album track, single, live recording or remix – and gave a bit of background info and/or personal thoughts on the music.

For me, it was a fun way to go through my back catalogue (on the way, I found songs I’d almost forgotten about – or which were better than I remembered them – and hopefully my listeners enjoyed them, too.

Below is the advent calendar selection available as two different playlists – one for Spotify and one on Soundcloud. There were a few unreleased tracks in the original advent calendar, so on the Spotify list I’ve had to either leave them out or replace them with different versions. For the complete experience I therefore recommend listening to the Soundcloud version.


The State of Mind advent calendar on Spotify:

The State of Mind advent calendar on Soundcloud: