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I Can’t Help Myself

… is the double-edged title of the latest seven-track State of Mind release, available for download since May 1 (select your vendor here).

When I began writing the songs that that would later become Myotonic, I didn’t have any particular theme in mind. As the (downbeat, introspective) theme emerged, a lot of the songs didn’t fit in with the concept – and were left unfinished while I concentrated on the songs that did.

It is the best of those sketches and unfinished songs that have now been reworked into six of the seven songs that make up I Can’t Help Myself. The only exception is “Heart of a Cowboy” which is a brand new song written especially for this release.

While the subjects are as thoughtful as those on Myotonic, the mood is probably a bit lighter and the melodies a  bit more catchy. You decide.

(And of course, I’m already hard at work on the next couple of releases)